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OEM Partners

OEMOEM Partners

Pleatco saves OEM’s time and money by offering their exclusive OEM Filter Partner Program. Pleatco is the trusted single source manufacturer and supplier of pleated bags, cartridge filters and filter bags. We have built the foundation of our business with many OEM filter customers who manufacture dust collectors, baghouses, and dry process equipment.

All of our filters are built to OEM specifications or better. We use the absolute highest quality raw materials in order to manufacture superior quality filter cartridges. We never cut corners just to save cost. Pleatco has formed enduring partnerships with large and small vendors from around the world to develop and engineer unique and exclusive components to use in our manufacturing processes. Pleatco’s filtration fabrics have been individually developed, designed and optimized for specific conditions and applications. Our knowledge base provides almost limitless potential for developing custom filtration products to meet even the most extreme projects.


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