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Introducing Replacements for Oval Filters

Pleatco proudly introduces oval filter elements as replacement filter for your Donaldson Downflo Oval Dust Collector. Pleatco s new oval replacements are available in CelluBlend or Nanobond media offering you quality and performance based on your application. Media options include: CelluBlend, Nanobond, FR Fire Retardent, Spunbond. Pleatco now offers Nanobond filter media with its unique technology offering key benefits of higher efficiency, lower pressure drop, longer filter life and greater energy savings. Pleatco s selection of high-quality blended base media and consistent Nanobond fibers has created a durable product which not only withstands rigorous pulse-cleaning but also offers extended filter life, lower operational costs and Merv 15 operational efficiency. Pleatco s Nanobond- Oval elements feature nanofibers that are 50% finer than OEM and a MERV 15 efficiency rating, the industry s highest. Nanobond technology in your dust collectors means superior filtration efficiency on sub-micron particulate (0.3 to 1.0 micron dust particles), lower emissions, longer filter service life and greater energy savings.

Oval Filters

Applications include:

Pleatco Filtration products are specifically designed for industrial applications that include but not limited the following industries.

Oval Filters


  • Excellent filtration efficiency
  • Increased air flow with unchanged velocities
  • Extended filter life
  • More effective pulse cleaning
  • Reduced maintenance costs & downtime
  • Reduced abrasion
  • Galvanized end caps
  • Expanded metal or band outer construction
  • Expanded metal cores
  • Operating temperature up to 275°F
Media Options
  • CelluBlend™
  • Nanobond™
  • FR Fire Retardant
  • Spunbond

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