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Contract Pleating


Pleatco offers contract pleating services to manufacturers who out-source their pleating services. Our advanced pleating technologies produce precise pleat packs in any shape, size or pleat geometry which can be used in both air and liquid filtration for industry applications such as dust collection, HVAC, HEPA, ULPA, Water Filtration, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

We use the most technologically advanced pleating machines and plant equipment giving the company flexibility far beyond any of our competitors to use a wide range of materials to build innovative products. Pleatco has four manufacturing facilities to ensure optimal logistics to the USA East and West coasts as well as Canada and Europe. Each of our facilities employ redundancies to replicate the same manufacturing processes on both coasts through our internal ERP system to ensure every product is manufactured to Pleatco’s highest standard each day.


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