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Welcome to Pleatco Filtration.


For over 45 years, Pleatco has been a leading manufacturer of cartridge filters for the pool and spa industry. Pleatco is the flagship portfolio company of Align Capital Partners who in 2019 acquired APEL International Filtration, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of pleated filter cartridges, pleated bags, and other filtration products for mission-critical industrial air applications, and MPF Engineered Filters a key producer of industrial air filtration products located in Milton, Ontario Canada. It is with great excitement that we announce the latest acquisition and inclusion of TVS Filtration, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and the merging of these four great companies under the one banner - Pleatco Filtration.

Pleatco Filtration will optimize production and consolidate operations across all facilities with manufacturing in New York, Mexicali, Alabama and Ontario, a distribution center in Calexico and will be spearheaded and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. By consolidating our combined engineering and manufacturing resources and superb staff in all areas, we are able to leverage our operations to become a significant driving force in the filtration space leading through science and innovation. This allows us to provide greater flexibility, broader offerings, quicker delivery times and perfectly priced products for all our customers worldwide.

At Pleatco Filtration we live by the mantra of constant improvement. Our goal is to provide you, with an unsurpassed quality customer support experience whatever the need may be. So if you are an existing partner or a new friend we wholeheartedly look forward to building for success.

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